Summer Azul is the first American artist signed to the London based record company Atorah Records, which was a deal made shortly after she was awarded as a top indie artist in the UK. Currently, Summer Azul holds the International Music Award for "Best HipHop Entertainer of the Year"  as well as a local Music Award for "Best Female HipHop Artist" in Georgia.

With amaizing music reviews from Brazil all the way to Paris, Summer Azul is an “International RockStar”! The American born exotic beauty is French Creole (Indian, African, French, Spanish, Irish, Asian & Brazilian mixed) and she brings a diverse cultural twist to all that she does. With all her versatility, it is no wonder Summer Azul brings Hip Hop, Reggae Dancehall, Dance/Pop, Dubstep and House music together in a way not seen before.  She appeals to people of all races and ages and has an undeniable connections with her fans which she calls the "Azul Army".  Summer Azul simply creates the music that everyone loves and she is the ultimate entertainer. Not only has she received great music reviews in several countries but she has also been recognized for her work as an Actress, Philantropist, Martial Artist and Director/Filmmaker as well.

Currently, Summer Azul's new album "The Craft" is due to drop later this year. Her lastest release "The Knockout" is nominated for HipHop Album of the year in the International Music Awards and is available on  iTunes and everywhere music is digitally sold.


Summer Azul is currently nominated for the Award of BEST FEMALE HIPHOP ARTIST in Atlanta!